“Two Beers And A Coffee”

In a chilly evening, a sudden self realization made me to ponder my thoughts that really “caffeine and alcohol” can make you to think in a more creative way. I grabbed my coffee while writing this blog and the ideas flooded to my brain. Since I am a coffee addict, I finished my cup of coffee in couple of minutes.
The Worst scenario happened when there was no water at my home and I was in Badly need of my second cup of coffee. So instead, I grabbed the next best thing to help me get going: a beer.


The “Two” Saviour For Me In All Situations.

This got me wondering about my “Two Love”—-> coffee and beer that they actually help me to be more creative and get work done. If I’m writing, my fingers never stop typing And then I ended up with jotting down my love for these two:

“Here, With my Coffee and Beer I sit,

While golden moments flit.

Making me happy and sad,

Missing my mom and Dad.

As the moments fly,

I, being dry,

Sitting idly here with my “coffee+beer” & french fries.

I laughed, I cried,

With every sip I tried.

They made me to remember all my crushes,

They made me realised that “Girl, you’ve loads of grudges”.

They made me to think about my future,

Encouraged me with quote “you can see your dream” by Martin Luther.

Awaiting a new sunrise,

Drinking either of two whole night.

Chatting with my friends,

Few among them are precious like gems.

The dusty shelves recall my mind , heart and soul,

Made me to realise my goals.

For the last time of many a time these eyes would linger,

Before leaves curls, before buds wither.

Here, With my Coffee and Beer. “

These two are the “magic bullets” for creativity because Coffee gives the idea and Beer help to implement it. Thus, The rusted Leaves Writer says Cheers to all!





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