Dazzle Your “Heart” Via Ice-Cream

“There were some problems only coffee and ice cream could fix.” said Amal El-Mohtar and I completely agree with this quote.Being a 90’s kid, I still remember how I use to rush from my room to the main door for an “orange candy”. Whether it’s icy winters or hot summer, ice-creams always made me smile.


At times, the flavours can surprise us.From cranberry To blueberry, Blackforest To Whiteforest, etc can easily cheer you up. “Gelato,PolarBear,Naturals,Baskin Robins and counting have become my best friends. Even in my saddest mood I can go to these outlets and eat tons of ice creams. The best part about them is they can easily fit in with Cakes,Coffees,Shakes,Coke,etc. Few days back,I was completely depressed and then one of my friend took me to Chruch Street Social, Bangalore and we ordered Chocolate Blood Bath with Chocolate icing and it looked so tempting. If I talk about it’s taste then, guys you all must go and give it a try because it was so mouth watering.

css6chocte bloodbath


“Ice-Creams” are key to my heart. The only thing the RustedLeavesWriter will say about these awesomeness is:

“On a hot day,

In the month of may.

Eating Creamy, delicious, Dripping Ice-cream,

And then they start coming in your dreams.

Each day,each situation has reserved flavours for their own,

Just to have time pass you can simply buy a cone.

They leave a message for us,

The way they melt soon, our problems will also rush.

During Depression and Breakups they help to get over it,

Thus one should enjoy it’s each and every bit.

Thus,On a hot day,

Its sweet while it lasts,

But in the end it all melts away,

Leaving but a sticky residue,

On the hardened clay.”

Death by chocolate, choco fudge brownie and Irish coffee with vanilla are my favourites.

So,go out immediately to make your tummy happy and drool over it.


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