My “Ooops” And Hers “Caught You” !

The classroom was silent,

The thoughts were strong as Caribbean  island.

Everyone was busy writing their exam,

I took out my cellphone and stayed totally calm.

The clock started to tick,

While “Copying” the answers, I was very quick.

30 minutes  passed and I copied of 13 marks,(10 marks by my own–>23 total)

Suddenly, a voice made me feel completely dark.

The only word I uttered at that moment was “Ooops”,

And the faculty replied with an annoying face, “Caught you”.

The story didn’t ended here,

I just wanted my cellphone to disappear.

She took my Phone away,

And I was like, “Hell, what a day!

The story continued from classroom to staffroom,

Later, my friends consoled me to dispel the gloom.

At this moment, I was wondering, will I repeat this ever?

My “Ooops” and Hers “Caught You” will be cherished Forever.




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  1. I had this experience last September, I was there in the exam hall as Officer special duty for NI OS exam.The girl who did the same mistake had the eligibility to choose her seat since she was differently able.But with good expertise she was copying..I alerted the staff who was doing the supervision…..and shevtook the phone from her.The beauty was that she handed over her phone when she entered the exam hall .The one which she was using for copying was an extra phone.


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