When Programmers Propose!

It’s not at all easy to become a programmer. They code all day, debug all night and go through thousands of code lines trying to clear up all possible messes before going live with their code. Sometimes, it takes a fellow programmer to understand the hardships of another programmer.

But the best part is, “Programmers have their own style”. Okay, I know many won’t agree with me. But just imagine, a programmer proposing their partner. It’ll be like this:


The “Hide and Seek” game is totally different for programmers, because for them the “Hide and Seek” champion is ” ;” since 1958. If programmers quit their job, then the reason is : “They didn’t get arrays( a raise)” . There was a troll made few days back, which stated that, “Why do java programmers have to wear glasses?” and the answer to this was, “because they don’t C#(see sharp)”.

Well, one thing about programmers is that they can find logic in all crap you talk. If a programmer wants to write a “Love Letter” then either they’ll code their message in some language or they’ll link the concepts of programming and real world.

Here it goes, A programmer proposing through code:

void main()

char *arr = “I LOVE YOU”;
int i = 0;
printf(“The Three magical words:”);
while(i < strlen(arr))
printf(“%c”, arr[i++]);

So, that’s the first way. Well, to all non-programmers reading this blog, RustedLeavesWriter  will tell the output, which is:

The Three magical words: I LOVE YOU

Coming to second way, “The Love Letter”, it goes like this:


“You and I are like databases made for natural-join,
To test my love you can even flip a coin.
In Theory terms, to-love-you-or-to-love-you-not,
That is a decidable problem which is struck like a knot.
Just know that the love I have for you ,
Is not to be put in a stack or queue .
Like a variable in an infinite loop ,
Be in my heart always and never stop .
My heart is like a port, unread,
and the love I have has only one thread.
You are in my heart’s RAM and not in the cache ,
So if you won’t respond, my heart will crash.
Like an application that is stand alone,
I’m a programmer who earns a lot on my own.
And my request is clear, without any encryption,
And hope it is not void, that you return.
If Java can be linked with C ,
Or if e-mails can be sent for free .
Why on earth can’t you and me ,
For the rest of our lifetime be linked together.
Even though the shortest path problem has a nice solution,
I choose the longest path everyday just to get a glimpse of you in your lab.
I tried living life in unary,
But life would be better with you making it binary.
So, will you please be the 1 to my 0? “

So, the rustedleaveswriter says to all programmers that, “You people are one of the awesome creature on this planet.” keep up the good work.


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