So I’ll Tell You Why I Write !

So I’ll tell you why I write,

I write because that’s the best time pass for me at night.

Whether I am happy, angry and frustrated,

I write because at times I feel isolated.

If I am upset from someone,

I write a blog on them, which make them totally stun.

My stories are cloud that do have real silver linings,

And I never mind sharing my life stories as piece of writing.

I write because at times in my stories, I actually write messages for my crush,

I love the moment when my friends teasing make me blush.

I write because in my world, I always meet up with different kinds of people,

I am even planning to write on social cause like rise in price of petrol and diesel.

Sliding across the multicolour  memories of my life,

I write because my stories should be all over rifed.

The  bike rides , road trips, night out , etc with friends,

I write because “The bond of friendship” gets extend.

3 am is time for either coffee or chai, and my fantasies,

I am even interested in writing articles on Nepalese , Assamese or Aussies.

Finally, I write because,

Writing is the only way I have to make sense of this messy world we live in.

Writing is the only silver lining to my grey cloud known as Engineering.

Writing is the only way to make me feel better after any heart break.

So, In short Writing is my Life and I love it.







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