The Tale Of “FOUR YEARS” — Thank You All!

“We are in conversation,
From 3 years and 7 months ,
The tales which I had shared with you people,
Will never have any sequel.”
From weird and wacky to plain bizarre; in college, har ek friend zaroori hota hai!

So,here are my few exclusive buddies, with their own creativity.

  1. My B’day Month Partners!!

    “It all start with “Lady Of Curls,
    10th May is the b’day of this pearl.
    Brilliantly Laughs her way through,
    But, she is amazing in her crew.”


    Lavanya–> we need to click sum better pic ūüėõ

    “Well, in his name only comes a celebrity,
    With, chethan he has formed a good chemistry.( see the pic! )
    11th May is his day,
    Lucky to have friend like him, is all I’ll say.”

  2. My Hostel Buddies!!
    “The most popular girl from our batch,
    Her “Hair-cut” Incident, I can never detach.
    The “Model-like” Figure adds more beauty to her,
    Keep your cameras away from her, is what I’ll refer.”
    “A big thanks to her,
    For always telling me during exams time, what all things to refer.
    You look more pretty without spects,
    Your suggestions in selecting units were always correct.”
  3. My Project Buddies!!
    “School friend To College friend,
    10 years of friendship N luckily there is no end.
    Partner in hostel To partner in project,
    The bond is perfect.”
    “Nandu bheede is what we call her,
    I want her cooking talent to get transfer.
    It’s fun, the way we struggle for our project,
    Everytime getting our report reject.”
  4. The Seminar Experts!!
    “She is my “partner in crime” ,
    Born on epic date, 15th august @ some mm:ss time.
    She is excellent in explaining things,
    With arjun her heart clings.”
    IMG_20150420_104638_1429542081233 - Copy
    “From Larissa to Lorry,
    In her smile, she has her own glory.
    The way she talk, The way she give presentations,
    Has made me a big fan of her communication.”
  5. The Kodigehalli Buddies!!
    “She look pretty in yellow color,
    In studies, she is a scholar.
    Daily coming late to class from kodigehalli,
    But in the end, as a person, she is very jolly.”
    “Girl with such a graceful smile,
    She has her own style.
    So many fans she has on Facebook,
    Everyone praised only “her” in the picture we took.”
  6.  The Chalu Buddy!!
    “She and food has a heart-to-heart connection,
    she is crazy for bike collection.
    “Chalu” is the common pet name for both of us,
    With this girl you can easily go nuts.”
  7. The Love Birds Buddies!!
    Amulya & Angela:
    “Amul-Angi is what we call them,
    Together they succumb.
    No one can beat amulya in pace of her speaking,
    While angela in excellent in singing.”
    IMG-20150422-WA0107  IMG_20140410_110652581
  8. The Eurofin Buddy!!
    “She is the one who got placed with highest package,
    I wonder,any situation, how calmly she manage.
    she is also known by name “chai”,
    May you always touch sky.”
  9. The “H-H-H-H” Buddies!!
    Harisa, Harshith , Harshitha C & Harshitha Hg
    “The only supporters of mine during exam time,
    From 4-years of VTU exams, we have become lifelines.
    Harisa being the slimmest girl of our class,
    While harshith always want place at last.
    “Figure” is the nickname for him,
    These days he is working out in gym.
    “Chachi” or I must say harshitha c is favourite of mine,
    Harshitha Hg–> may you always shine.
    So these are my the “4-H” buddies,
    Who are totally funny.”
    IMG_20160415_093204049 - Copy  DSCN3856  IMG-20160427-WA0136
  10. The AUSSIE T-shirt Buddy!!
    “One of the friendly person of our class,
    “Studying” is one of his time pass.
    Drumming is his soul,
    Taking that “aussie” t-shirt from him is my goal.”
    IMG-20160311-WA0082 - Copy
  11. The 5-K Buddies!!
    Karthik, kaushik,kavya,keerthana & Kruthika
    Karthik is more famous as *Papru*,
    Attends college like monday morning blue.
    While *Kaushik* is favourite of Kamalam Ma’am,
    Whenevr he is caught, he’ll be like,”damn!”.
    I still remember how *Kavya* always got confused with mavya’s name,
    Whatever is the situation her smile is always the same.
    I wonder how *Keerthana* leaves her hairs open in summers,
    Girl, you look great in red colour.
    I love the way *Kruthika* speaks hindi,
    Dancing is her passion,
    “Bharatnatyam” which will never be out of fashion.
    So, these are my “5-K” buddies from my class,
    With whom I never wanna get depart.”
    IMG_20140410_105827659_HDR  IMG_20140410_105756910_HDR  IMG_20140410_105950883_HDR
    IMG_2648 - Copy  IMG_2684
  12. The Punjabi Buddies!!
    “We became *just-friends* in 2nd sem,
    Today I can say she has a heart of gem.
    Typical punjabi girl she is,
    Ice-cream gives her immense bliss.
    Her Love for DOGS (ironically) is totally crazy,
    *Donuts* can help to convince her greatly.
    The struggle which we had during all placement drives,
    Will be cherished forever in this life rollercoaster ride.”
    “Though she is punjabi, but she has never been to punjab,
    Her dp’s are so fab.
    She loves her dog alot,
    She’s such a sweetheart our class got.”
  13. The Coding Geeks AND Early Morning *Chai-Time* Buddies!!
    Coding: Raghib ,Manjunath & subodh
    Chai-Time: Tanmay & subodh
    “I wonder how I would have completed my C# assignments without these three,
    A big thanks to *Manjunath* for saving from getting back in C# in my B.E degree.
    While *Raghib* always acted saviour for me n megha during class hours,
    Saving us from sheba ma’am’s wars.”
    IMG_2777    IMG_20160414_154554320
    IMG-20160417-WA0096   IMG_20160414_181331038_HDR - Copy
    “I’ll never forget those silly jokes which *Tanmay* and *Subodh* use to crack,
    After a month, those early morning “chai-time” at baptist ,we’ll never get back.
    With *Tanmay* I’ll never forget that 7th jan incident,
    Which was completely based on all coincidence.
    Till now we are sorting those matters,
    Thankfully, our friendship didn’t get shatter.”

    Because ‘Chai’ and ‘Sutta’ are Synonymous.¬†After all, it adds flavour to the chai and prompts brilliant conversations. Aur kya chahiye?
  14. The Sudoku Genius!!
    Deepti N:
    “I am big fan of her long hairs,
    Whose assignment is circulated to whole class and shared.
    Getting First prize in Sudoku is so crazy,
    But for this girl it’s so easy.”
  15. The Chachha Group!!
    Anurag, Chandan & Nabichand:
    “These three are the projectmates,
    Who have different traits.
    *Anurag* known as chachha among these three,
    while *Chandan* swims so well in sea.
    *Nabichand* I hardly know about him,
    So, in this journey of life, may you always win.”
    IMG-20160427-WA0195    IMG-20160427-WA0044
  16. The First Benchers Buddies!!
    Deepthi R & Madhushree:
    “These two are the first benchers of our class,
    So soon the time pass.
    *Madhushree* doubts will never have any end,
    But she and ¬†*Deepthi* have become really good friends.”
  17. The Andhra Friend AND The Most Silent Friend!!
    Abhijit & Bharath:
    “Abhijit, the friend from andhra,
    During internals who always see which faculty is coming,
    *Bharath* being the most silent among all,
    Keep clicking pics from your DSLR and post it on your FB wall.”
    IMG_2783    IMG_2772 - Copy
  18. The Chutki Buddy!!
    “She is my jugadu friend,
    whose buttering will never end.
    Sleepy and foodie describes her the best,
    “Chutki” is always ready for any energy test.”
  19. The Tickling Buddy!!
    “She is excellent in doing nail-art,
    She is so beautiful and smart.
    Tickling her friends is her favourite pass time,
    She can easily become your partner in crime.”
  20. The Most Weird Classmate!!

    “Sometimes I feel he is from a different planet,
    Who always carry his bag like a magnet.
    I wonder why everytime he keeps on smiling,
    Convincing¬†him for mass bunk is so tiring.”
  21. The Trip Planner Buddy!!
    “As a friend, he is a blessing,
    planning class trip was so stressing.
    His hindi is actually awesome,
    Death-by-chocolate is what, he eats often.”
    IMG-20150421-WA0003Finally, We are edging towards the end. So, THANK YOU ALL for making these 4years so memorable.

    “The corridors will miss our footsteps..
    The desks will miss our mobiles…
    The classes will miss our pranks..
    Cafe..canteen will miss our gossips..
    The faculties will miss our mass bunks..
    The nights will miss the roar of our bikes..
    The friendship we made will linger even after we’re gone..
    Because our names are etched in these memories for always
    And,so lets not bid a goodbye just yet..
    For this ain’t the end but a new beginning!!”

Thus, the RustedLeavesWriter says, Enjoy To The Core!
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To All Those Octopuses, Goa Was Fun !

“Friends come and go,

Like the waves of the ocean,

But with few you can enjoy and stay,

Like an octopus on your face.”

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Sliding across the multicolour  memories of my life,

I still remember how our class got divided into group of five.

Finally, we 10 began our journey¬†¬†to “Pearl of the Orient”,

The memories which we created will never segment.

The long wait for bus to come,

Cracking stupid jokes, like dumb.

Taking selfies at all possible stops,

Buying coffee and beer from all shops.

The excitement of hitting our first place to visit,

Oh! our souls were filled with some spirits.

The fun which we had in water,

The shorts,crops,sunglasses and hat made us look hotter.

The fun started with Baga Beach to Anjuna,

Well, the credit goes to Lady Fortuna.

Calangute, Colva, Sinquerim had its own beauty,

It was amazing covering approx 250km through scooty.

Candolim  and Varca were so peaceful,

While Vagator Beach made us so blissful.

The total high faces of my Nine Buddies,

Ah! On their craziness, I can write a full series.

The lime soda at Aguada fort,

Gave us energy for water sports.

Each moment was a tiny tale in itself,

Oh! To this trip,  I never wanted to bid Farewell.

They say that “All good memories are those which are made on roads”,

As we edged towards the end of our journey, somewhere there my soul explodes.

So, we all were left with our broken hearts,

When our returning journey was about to start.

The roads will be cherished forever,

The bond will be stored like a treasure.

The jokes will always give us leisure,

The moody sky will remind us of “Goa Weather”,

Our Tanned Hot faces will always remind us of displeasure.

The cold wind will always remind us to carry a bedsheet,

The mini stops for smoking and cold drinks at the corner of streets.

So, the amazing Three Days came towards the end,

With loads of memories to be penn’d.

Thus, TheRustedLeavesWriter says, “As with any journey,who you travel with can be more important than your destination.”
#Goa, With These Octopuses!