To All Those Octopuses, Goa Was Fun !

“Friends come and go,

Like the waves of the ocean,

But with few you can enjoy and stay,

Like an octopus on your face.”

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Sliding across the multicolour  memories of my life,

I still remember how our class got divided into group of five.

Finally, we 10 began our journey  to “Pearl of the Orient”,

The memories which we created will never segment.

The long wait for bus to come,

Cracking stupid jokes, like dumb.

Taking selfies at all possible stops,

Buying coffee and beer from all shops.

The excitement of hitting our first place to visit,

Oh! our souls were filled with some spirits.

The fun which we had in water,

The shorts,crops,sunglasses and hat made us look hotter.

The fun started with Baga Beach to Anjuna,

Well, the credit goes to Lady Fortuna.

Calangute, Colva, Sinquerim had its own beauty,

It was amazing covering approx 250km through scooty.

Candolim  and Varca were so peaceful,

While Vagator Beach made us so blissful.

The total high faces of my Nine Buddies,

Ah! On their craziness, I can write a full series.

The lime soda at Aguada fort,

Gave us energy for water sports.

Each moment was a tiny tale in itself,

Oh! To this trip,  I never wanted to bid Farewell.

They say that “All good memories are those which are made on roads”,

As we edged towards the end of our journey, somewhere there my soul explodes.

So, we all were left with our broken hearts,

When our returning journey was about to start.

The roads will be cherished forever,

The bond will be stored like a treasure.

The jokes will always give us leisure,

The moody sky will remind us of “Goa Weather”,

Our Tanned Hot faces will always remind us of displeasure.

The cold wind will always remind us to carry a bedsheet,

The mini stops for smoking and cold drinks at the corner of streets.

So, the amazing Three Days came towards the end,

With loads of memories to be penn’d.

Thus, TheRustedLeavesWriter says, “As with any journey,who you travel with can be more important than your destination.”
#Goa, With These Octopuses!




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