Four Years Of Your Support!

The way my four years of B.E is incomplete without my friends, the same goes with my faculties.
Because in college life you can’t survive without them.
So, all my “Faculties” , RustedLeavesWriter have something special for you. These “Four Years” were amazing with you people.

“Four years ago, I wanted CSE as my B.E stream,
In 2013, I applied for the change of branch to chase my dream.
Today, if I look back, I thank myself for not scoring well,
Because In ISE stream I met people who are as precious as any gem.
The First faculty from ISE who taught my batch was , Aruna ma’am,
C and C++ languages became easy for us in such a short span.
In 2nd sem, Ameen Sir acted as a night mare for everyone during CCP lab,
But today we count him in list of Faculties who are “Fab”.
Starting from 3rd To 8th sem journey, we met all our Teachers,
Who all had some unique features.
From Shilpa ma’am teaching us Computer organization and Electronic Circuits subjects,
“Cutipie” word for her is completely perfect.
Kavitha Patil ma’am dealt with subjects like Logic Design And Microprocessor,
“Coolest” of all defines her.
Neha ma’am dealt with subject Data Structures,
So, Perfectly she represent North Indian culture.
Amutha ma’am made subject ADA so easy for us,
One can approach to her for any problem and discuss.
We had great time with her in 7th sem during Information System class,
Giving seminars was the best way for the time to pass.
We had lots of fun during our UNIX class,
Tragedy occured, when our favourite Radhika ma’am left us in mass.
But the best part was, we got Suhas sir as our Unix faculty,
Whether it was UNix or Programming The Web, sir handled our class so happily.
Software Engineering and Operation Research became interesting with Radhika ma’am teaching,
While In system software class we use to do day dreaming.
But still Manoj sir tried his best to make System Software subject interesting,
Still during internals, we all planned for cheating.
Classes of subjects like Operating System and Management became so cool,
We’ll miss Keshav sir’s tales which were from his days of college and school.
I still remember how we misunderstood Vidya ma’am as strictest faculty in our 1st class of DBMS subject,
But today we can say that she is the kindest faculty we could ever get.
With her, Unix System Programming and Software Architecture classes we enjoyed a lot,
Though Sneha ma’am never taught me but from my friends I have heard a lot,
She is so helpful faculty and I am so glad that a teacher like her we got.
But If you’ve planned for cheating during both of these faculties invigilation, then chances are there of you getting caught.
We’ll never forget that struggle to score 15 in Latha mam’s subject,
But finally we cleared CN-1 and Software Testing subjects.
Kamalam ma’am made FLAT and Compiler Design easy for us,
During DSS class, saying “Enough ma’am” nobody has guts.
But her teaching impresses us a lot,
She is so sweet that she even postponed our project review slot.
I hated subject C# but Sheba ma’am you always rock,
From ADA lab to C# class we always use to give her great shock.
No output in lab to mass bunks in C#,
I wonder do you know how to play a harp?
Spoorthi ma’am, the hottest of all,
For our batch she’s the “Baby Doll”.
Studying subjects like FS,INS & JAVA from her was great,
Ohh!! we should thank Mr. Fate.
The way she teach,the way she dance,
Ma’am I must say you have spread the love like in France.
Kavitha Vasanth ma’am is the fashion queen,
Though you were in CSE dept, but for all students such an amazing support you’ve been.
You and Ameen sir are the most student friendly faculties we’ve ever met,
Keep on reading the verse because it’s not over yet.
Ameen Sir taught OOMD in a different way,
That we remembered the concepts everyday.
The most surprising faculty is Shanthi ma’am,
When we thought, “mam won’t agree”, she’ll for sure agree.
The way she teach and the way she needed DM answers totally proper,
I am sure in her college days she must be a scholar.
Sunitha ma’am, ISE-1 loves you a lot for a reason that I won’t mention here,
You look great when you smile, so never let it go disappear.
Manjula ma’am your questions during viva have always given us deep shock,
But those questions helped us in externals to rock.
Chethana ma’am sings in an amazing way,
During internals, she should never come is what I personally pray.
But in the end you’re an amazing faculty, that’s all I’ll say.
Srinivas sir, students actually love discussing cricket updates with you,
You, Latha ma’am and Kavitha Patil ma’am form a great crew.
Thank you for never scolding us during SMS class,
We’ll surely clear the subject with good marks.
The Three new faculties have their own charm,
As faculties they gonna rock, it’s confirm.
Tejaswini ma’am being the sweetest one,
Lady like her can be none.
The sharp features of Shruthi ma’am,
With her Million dollar smile,
Defines her own style.
Swetha ma’am is famous for her wardrobe collection,
For her, we have so much affection.
Straight hairs adds extra charm to her beauty,
She is excellent in doing her duty.
So, this is how our FOUR years with you people came to an end,
The bond which we have made will never bend.”

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These FOUR years were amazing with you people,
At times we hated you people,
At times we argued with you people,
Many times we’ve bunked your classes,
At times we’ve hurted you people,
Sorry, for the times we have hurted you people,
Sorry, for all the mass bunks which we did,
But today if I look back to the lane of four years,
I’ll actually cherish these all happy-sad memories with you people.
Thank you for always being there for us,
The B.E degree would be incomplete without you people.

Thus, TheRustedLeavesWriter says, GOODBYE to you all from 2K12-2K16 Batch.
We’ll MISS you!!