They still call it a Man’s world, oh the irony!

Dedicated to all the women whom you thought never would be a strong ‘SHE’,
Has a soul mightier than ‘HE’.

“SHE” plays the role of one too many,
In this world she look for good but she can’t find any.
In every field, she raises the flag,
Still in all the crimes she is dragged.
The daily news of she becoming victim again and again gives everyone Goosebumps,
The culprits should be dumped.
She is more precious than rubies,
The word SHE represent the world beauties.
Nothing you desire can compare with her,
She is an excellent entrepreneur.
She is unreadable, an enigma,
She can confuse you like value of sigma.
She is unsolvable, a mystery,
Every time  she creates a new history.
She undergoes forced laughter and fake smiles,
Pain hidden behind those eyes.
She has her fear, she has her regrets,
Few things and people whom she can never forget.
She chooses the gloomy dark over her vibrant shades,
Fights like a warrior and never fades.
She walks on gravel, dances on fumes,
She is a star in a crowded room.
She sings in the wind, she cries in the rain,
Alone she can travel the world from India to Spain.
She is the wild, she is the silence,
She can be queen of an island.
She can love someone deeply,
At times she can hate someone totally.
She is a dream catcher for everyone,
She lives each moment and have fun.

Why I do say “She” with a capital letter S? Because She is not just any usual person, She represent all THE women.



Once Upon A Time There Was A HAPPY Girl!

#100DaysOfHappyPoetry #Poem2

I still remember the way she use to smile in all possible situations,
I use to say to myself that she’s a wonderful creation.
Fun was the flavour of her life,
And She use to say “TENSION” can be experienced only during  an engineering life.
A bit of nerdy part was hidden deep inside her,
But slowly and slowly it got blur.
From a totally fun loving person, she turned up into a depressed girl,
She even started hating her beautiful curls.
There was a back to back series of tragedies happening in her life,
Her best friend was always there with her whenever she had undergone any strife.
Getting screwed in on-campus placements to 7th semester results,
She lost all hopes and was so confused that whom she should consult?
Group fights in the final year added more spice to her depressing tale,
And she realized that in every step of her life she failed.
She started thinking about the flash back of all these miss happenings,
And to console herself she ended up travelling.
Getting crushed by her crush,
Betrayed by her friends,  an unknown feeling rushed.
The rejections from 21 MNC made her hopeless,
The “First Back” in whole engineering made her to lose her focus.
The awesome beginning of 7th semester, turned into a dreadful ending,
She wanted to run away from all these evil happenings.
Seeing the faces of people daily, whom she started hating became a torture for her,
Always reminded her that, once upon a time, above every one, “YOU” people were my life whom I use to prefer.
Facebook captions like “we are friends forever” became an irony,
Her so called “good friends” back stabbed her silently.
A bit of happiness showered in her life, when she was finally placed,
As in a globe of radiant fire, she graced.
Since happiness stay for a while, her revaluation results were out,
Not clearing the subject  was the thing which blown her out.
From her “real friends” to “fake friends” everyone started consoling her,
Saying that “it’s okay sometimes, shit occurs”.
They were correct from their point of view,
But bad luck happens only with few.
It was very easy for others to give suggestions to her,
But only she knew how this tragedy occurred.
The days passed and she accepted that all these tragedies are not just a bad dream,
And she actually cried and screamed.
Now she has finally reached in a situation of do or die,
Where she has no other excuse of if’s – but’s and why.
This is the last battle for her to fight and win for her own,
The negative thoughts have already hitting her brain like a cyclone.
I really wish she cross the last three hurdles of her engineering life,(8th sem exam, back paper and the project work)
Giving Mr. Fate a hi-fi.
So, I hope in my next verse, I can change the title,
From “Once upon a time there was a happy girl” To “And she returned to her HAPPY mode”.
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