And that’s why they call it CRUSH!

     They say nothing lasts forever, but whoever said that definitely forgot to take memories
into consideration. A song, a place, an object , even a particular dress or your CRUSH works like a catalyst to instigate an emotional roller coaster ride that takes you through the past, reminding you of all the eventful or uneventful moments of your life. As much as it scares me, I must admit that it leaves me amazed to know that even if situations or people change, these memories will stay intact, reminding me of the good times and bad as well.

     Life eats us all, a little, everyday. I hope everyone will agree with my this point of view.The things then get unwrapped slowly, one after another,the excitement, the nervousness, the joy,the restlessness and then the loneliness, the pain, and yeah most importantly the heart breaks.

       Life is so damn complicated. If you’re into a relationship then you may get ditched by your partner and there you go into heart break mode. If you’re single, then definitely you have a crush on some one. You are actually considered as lucky one if your crush also like you(hardly happens) otherwise you’re also into heart break mode with your one sided love.

        From last few days I have done a lot of research on “One Sided Love” which people have for their CRUSHES . The result was quite complicated, “CRUSHES crushed their feelings”.  I mean it’s very easy to say that you can’t force anyone to love you back but when it comes to you to accept this advice then  you’re actually gone for a toss and  you know what, there are several people in this world with this disease.I also noticed one more thing, people have so many crushes but they only get serious for any one person and most of the cases they fall for a person whom they know from a long time.

         After all this bitter truth , starts the most complex time of your life. The sleepless nights, the lectures given to you by your best friends and then you just want to run away for few days on an individual trip. You sit for a while and  start thinking that how it all got started and then you realise that, “somewhere between all our laughs, long talks , little fights and all our jokes I fell in love with you.”  and once you start accepting the fact that these feelings are only from your side i.e nothing but one sided love, you say to yourself that ” I knew I shouldn’t have fallen for you.”

           Since every coin has two face, the same goes with our life. The positive side of these all bitter truth is, you come to know who are your real well wisher. Well, In my experience I had my three best buddies who were always their to pep up my mood. I won’t say that I have moved on but I would really thanks them for always bringing me back to my real life and I’ll confess that if they were not with me then I would be for sure today in a depressing state searching myself in this huge merciless world.

            There was a post on social networking site which says, “one can be single for two reasons,not interested or got a crush on someone who can never be yours.” and it’s actually the real truth. At times, I personally want to thank social medias for making us realise that, “Girl, cheer up! You’re not alone stuck in this situation.” Okay, so here RustedLeavesWriter have something for all the crushes on behalf of everyone (Mostly the one sided love category)

And that’s why they call it Crush,

I walk by you and start to blush.

You smile at me and I think I died inside,

I realise you smiled at her and I start to cry.

Meaning of crush is they crush your heart,

They mess with your feelings, tear you apart.

Then you take a pledge that “I won’t talk to him anymore”,

After seeing him the next time, To talk or not,you are yourself not sure.

Your best friends try to keep you busy,

But it’s not at all easy.

From a simple girl, you become a great stalker,

Then you end up committing the mistake, and comparing yourself with your crush ex and present and spend whole night wondering who’s more hotter.

The investigation doesn’t stop here,

You actually go mad and need a chilled beer.

After doing all this crap, the conclusion you get makes you feel sad,

Finally self realisation hits your brain which makes condition bad.

At times you’re in a  low confidence, at times you just showoff that you’re so happy,

And in the end you think that you’re undergoing toughest heart break in this tragic valley.

Soon or late, you accept the truth,

The person whom you loved will always remind you of feeling ruth.

And that’s why they call it crush,

And yeah crushes break your Trust!

Henceforth, My folks, whether you are crushed or you crushed someone, just forget the crap and mingle with this unpredictable life.

Since they crush your feelings, that’s why RustedLeavesWriter call them CRUSHES!!!!!!!