To The MAN, I Adore—>Punit Pathak

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Somewhere far along this road,

To this man, I always bowed.

It was five in the morning,

Dance+ 2, First episode I was watching.

At 6:00 am I became fan of this person,

Who admires the great dancer Mr. Wade Robson.

1st November is special,

Because on this day, God Himself was partial.

On this day, this incredible person was born,

Daily he is adorned.

His slow motion walk never changes its beat,

I hope he loves this tweet.

St. Xavierian’s are very lucky that he is a part of them,

He is a person who is as precious as any gem.

The respect which he have for Remo sir,

Oh!  He has a heart made of silver fir.

He is a big fan of Michael Jackson,

In his success lies his dancing passion.

The way he dance, the way he acts,

On me he has left a splendid impact.

As a judge, the way he gives comments using different phrases,

Ah! I can fill tons of pages.

I love the way he smile,

Oh! He has his own style.

His journey shows that he is a real eager beaver,

His simplicity makes him an achiever.

He is person, who is down to earth,

Spending whole day watching his dance is totally worth.

It’s a treat to watch him as an actor, choreographer and mentor,

I am waiting for the day to see him as a movie director.

His creative concepts inspires me a lot,

His performances I can never forgot.

Dance is his soul,

He’d dance till he wears out his sole.

So this Mumbai star have already taken my heart away,

Ye Lord! Keep on blessing him is what I’ll pray.

He is an apple to my eye,

May his success always touch the sky.

In all the ways he is a class act,

He is a person with an extraordinary talent and that’s the true fact.

The final verse I leave for him,

I hope the spark and patience inside him never goes dim.

So, Mr. Punit J Pathak, this one is for you. RustedLeavesWriter loves you the way you are. Wrapping up with a #HOPE that,

And someday, somewhere

I’ll meet you.

For few minutes I won’t smile. I won’t talk.

Just a silent look of yours I’ll admire.

So that it’ll be a memory for me throughout this life.



From Harsha Jotwani 🙂


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