One Man. FIVE Journey’s.

It’s the oldest story in the world,

Where everyone has a dream that is either fulfilled or curled.

At a certain age he must have also planned for someday,

And that someday is TODAY.

The plan which he had made for his life,

The struggle, support and scholarship is all over rifed.


His journey can be summed up in 5-letter word, ‘D–SCAM‘,

Well this 5-letter word can be taken as a sarcasm.

The letter S describes his beginning that was as a STUDENT,

In his school life he participated in class and  never truant.

At that age, he had no clue what destiny has planned for him,

But today his vision and dancing conveys great vim.

From letter S he reached to letter D that describes him as a DANCER,

And his success continued with Punit Ke Panther’s.

Since dancing was not allowed in his school,

He grabbed the opportunity in his college days and became totally cool.

He says, Dancing happened to him out of good fortune,

To this industry he is a boon.

The inter-college dance audition added twist in his life,

Out of 80 girls and a single boy, this man conquered the biggest dive.

He danced with all his heart on ‘Nikamma Kiya Is Dil Ne’ song,

And his hard work and Lady Fortune(his mom) supported him where his heart belong.

At 17, he started working with Terence Lewis through a scholarship,

But to follow his heart in field of director, dancing was the thing which he decided to quit.

Soon he realised that he is deficient without his dose of dance,

He took a U-turn and finally Dance India Dance-2 was his golden chance.

There was a real struggling time for him after he left Terence’s academy,

He was spending only 15 in a day (10 on noodles and 5 on biscuits) but his dancing passion made him to overcome this tragedy.

From there his real journey in this industry began,

And he reached letter C that describes him a CHOREOGRAPHER with a bang.

From Jhalak Dikhhla Ja to other reality shows and movies,

He shined like a gem ruby.

He says Terence Lewis brought dancing in his life and Remo D’Souza added life in his dancing,

And I’ll say that Man! Day by day you’re advancing.

Movie ABCD made him to reach letter A that describes him as an ACTOR,

Well! he is a person who has an all rounder factor.


Finally he has crossed all the milestones and reached letter M that describes him as a MENTOR,

I have a strong faith on his passion that soon one day as a director he’ll enter.

People say they are blessed to get training from him,

With his mom, his heart always cling.



Apart from his D-SCAM journey, he is an extra ordinary  HUMAN BEING,

A respect for him from everyone is what the world is seeing.

So finally, the blog One Man. FIVE Journey’s got complete justice,

Punit J Pathak, you’re the MAN on whom this industry has loved and trusted.

Dancers love you, but being a non-dancer, I have a huge respect for you.

RustedLeavesWriter really want to see you as a DIRECTOR of a movie in which you’re also an ACTOR playing role of a CRICKETER because after all you’re very much passionate about cricket also. So, down the line, I am waiting for the day to see the trailer which says, “A Film By Punit J Pathak.”


From Harsha Jotwani 🙂 🙂





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