An ODE To CCT ;)

The  CCT classes finally came to an end,

In these 10 days we have made lot of friends.

The journey started with totally unknown faces,

Who came from so many different places.

NIRMAL– The guy from Bhutan,

Made the class interesting with his charm.

ROHAN is the wikipedia for whole class,

Who keeps on reading something till the day pass.

The Two Best Friends are unique in their own way,

NINU being so calm while RAHILA saves her energy for mock call day.

FRIENDS FOREVER they’re; is all I can say.

MANI is excellent in playing Veena and Sitar,

While our friend ASHU is learning to play guitar.

We have two basketball players in our batch,

OH! I guess they both should play a match.

TANUSHREE loves to bake and dance,

And NISHITHA enjoy making wax plants.

The hacker has become more famous because of his Korean looks,

BHARGAV REDDY is known as Ji Hoon in Convergys Book.

SHUBHAM is really good at sketching,

And he doesn’t like smoking and drinking.

AMREEN says she is a very bad cook,

But you know what? ASHA can become her guide book.

One loves eating and other one loves cooking,

Oh! I want to eat chocolate pudding.

SANJANA is youngest among all of us,

But she has a great observation skills to discuss.

PRATHMESH has his own ways to sympathize customers,

He can console them by giving example of President Obama’s life struggle.

Talking about the other two of my friends, wearing Spects is the common thing between them ,

Well! I am talking about RAHUL and SHEKHAR, my dear friends.

SHEKHAR consoled Mr. Gay for getting dumped by his girl,

While RAHUL spoke on Beer culture.

BHOOMIKA loves reading Sidney Sheldon books,

You’ll think she is very serious person, If you judge her by her looks.

We have a die-hard cricketer in our batch,

Who cannot miss watching any match.

SRIJITH is his name,

For him cricket is the ultimate game.

Two of my friends belong to the Princely States,

I feel lucky to have these two as my batch mates.

SUMIT is from Jammu and MAHVISH is from Kashmir,

And I must say, as a person, both of them are crystal clear.

SUBIN and SHOEB are coolest among all,

Ah! both of them are experts in taking mock calls.

Letter and city Dhanbad is the common thing between them,

One is Trainer and other one is Trainee; and this is how they blend.

RAHUL entertain Sumy with his Bhutan stories,

While RACHNA surprises Sumy with her hair style glories.

Wrapping up this ballad, saying THANK YOU to ARIJITH, KARTHIK, RAHUL and SUMY,

In PST Training, things won’t be funny. 😦

So, lets raise a toast to —-

Arijith and his Singing,

Karthik and his Cool Nature,

Rahul and his Story Telling,

And last but not the least, Sumy and her in-depth knowledge of Grammar and a true fan of Harry Potter series.

So, this is how CCT journey comes to an end,

With bonds and friendship that’ll never bend.