If I Ever……..

If I ever get a chance in my life,
I would love to write my ‘second’ book on you,
Speculation concerning the autobiography will be rife,
But before all these ideas, to meet you I need to stand in queue.

If I ever get a chance to know more about dance,
I would like to become your student,
Thousands of blogs can be written on you by this freelance(writer)
As a student i’ll never be a truant.

If I ever get some 60 minutes with you,
I will treasure those 60 minutes throughout my lifetime,
May be some 5 minutes I’ll take to realize that this moment is actually true,
To this Dance industry, you’re a lifeline.

If I ever get a chance to earn that “D.A.N.C.E” badge from you,
In my journey of as an engineer and a blogger, that would be my biggest achievement,
I hope you had a great time at my hometown,Varanasi with your crew,
Seeing your performance is moment of super excitement.

14202695_1065722853542889_5945894464031539015_nKeep up the good work Mr. Punit J Pathak!
Wrapping up with Belated Birthday Wishes(since I couldn’t wish you on 1st )
I hope you had a great day 🙂

#StaySmiling #GoodLuck

Thus, RustedLeavesWriter says, you’re a person who reflect positive vibes. Stay like this.
Good Wishes from a girl, who doesn’t like being called a FAN (though I am acting like that) because your FAN’s Love your dancing and I respect you as a person.
#Cheers 🙂

-Harsha Jotwani


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