Twisted Reality

In this busy schedule of my life,

Fighting for the maximum hike.

Managing two hours of sleep in cab,

Well! All thanks to Bengaluru traffic which we have.

Staying in India & following American Life,

This 9 hours of work is all over rifed.

All happy faces on Friday,

Everyone planning weekend in their own ways.

Again the devil Monday arrives,

Okay! I realise that 5 days more I have to survive.

Managing those 15mins of break for smoking & talking,

And if you’re late l, you’ll find your manager stalking. (for you)

Team lunch & team outings are ice breakers,

In work life, they add positive flavours.

So,here I am experiencing the twisted Reality of work life,

Recalling my easy college life.

But altogether,it’s an awesome journey,

Where you need to work like one man army.


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