Two Days!Million Memories!

It all started with two different team’s,

But Mr.fate had some other plans, it seems.

Finally the team’s got merged,

Traveling to Coorg was urged.

Bags packed, and 20 of us started the journey,

Hoping to reach our destination early.

The mini stop for breakfast will always remind me of hunger,

The drunk state will remind me of blunders.

The stay at tent will always be cherished,

The two days will always be relished.

From countlessselfies to sleepless trip,

Well! Our crazy dance cannot be skipped.

Getting to know each other,

Oh! We can hangout further.

The lost I-phone to open tent story,

City Coorg has its own glory.

The early morning walk,

The ticking of clock.

The fun at midnight campfire,

The cool breeze I can still admire.

The long trek inside forest,

Cursing weather as the hottest.

Playing in water with these bunch of people,

To this trip! There cannot be any sequel.

From “High” state talk to “sober” mind chit chat,

Around the campfire zone we all sat.

Planning for other places to visit ,

Everyone filled with positive spirits.

The shopping at golden temple,

Goodluck charm as an example.

Finally,the end of journey was near,

People continued drinking whiskey and beer

The crazy fun in bus,

Made me realise ,trip like this is must.

So, these two days will always bring smile to my face,

All good and bad memories will never be erased

Cheers to those two days and million memories,

Which can be recalled as great stories.

#CoorgDiaries ❤️❤️


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