Alone in my head, I am feeling so low,

You won’t understand,no one can know.

Thinking about past, I wonder,

Have I done a lot of blunder?

My eyes are so tired,I can’t sleep at night,

My dreams are shattered when I turn on light

Now I realised that few things should left unsaid,

Can’t even imagine where mr.fate will take life ahead.

It happened so suddenly, it happened so fast,

I knew all at once, that none of this would last.

Today I feel so guilty about my questions,

I am not able to forget your expression.

I cribbed about your personal life infront of everyone,

I know listening to my question you were stunned.

I couldn’t tell you the reason behind it,

But I am really sorry for each and every bit.

I don’t know why, but you have earned respect from me,

I just hope you enjoy your life and live free.

You are a person who has stored alot of secrets in your heart,

I pray to God that none of your worries should last.

I held my head high, as I walked by your side,

Guilt and tears welling up , I was dying inside.

But the way you calmed the situation,

The way you balanced personal and professional life relation.

Made me realize that it’s my fault,

So I am just going to lock it, away in my vault.

With regrets for lifetime,

I feel like I have done some crime.

Will be thinking twice before drinking,

So that in future I shouldn’t be regretting.

Once again, alone in my head, I am feeling so low,

You won’t understand, no one can know.



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