I know there is something!!

A million stars up in the sky,

I have a crush on you, that I can’t Deny.

Your deep eyes make me fall in love,

Among everyone I consider you above.

In our first interaction,I thought there is something,

I just lied to my friends & convinced myself that, “it’s just a fling.”

Days passed & I started hating you for no reason,

May be attitude was ruling the season.

Later part of the month, when I started observing you,

I realized people like you are very few.

I started noticing the gentleman inside you.,

Was surprised seeing other girls are already in queue.

Your playlist impressed me a lot,

My heart got attached with them like a knot.

The deep thoughts in your eyes made me to think,

But knowing the bitter truth, my heart & mind just winked.

The little extra care which you do,

Separates you from everyone in crew.

The way you praise Deepika Padukone makes me laugh,

But as a person, I don’t even know you half.

The way you play with your mustaches and beards,

If someone is in bad mood, I love the way you cheer.

Your fitness dedication inspires me,

Then I wonder who is HE?

You look awesome in black color,

Now I feel , without seeing you my life would be much duller.

So, here , I sit and think about you,

Drinking mountain dew.

Trying to convince myself saying, “it’s a fling.”

But then my heart says, ” I know there is something.”


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