Dark Roads!!

I had a dream,
To go on a road trip with my team.

For a day all around the city,

We started our journey with gang of people who are pretty, cool and witty.

Waiting for everyone near tea stall,

That included so many discussion over the call.

From collecting helmet to car tragedy,

We finally made our journey strategy.

Three in car, Seven on bike,

Oh! We all are so alike.

The journey began on dark road,

At times we raised our speed, at times we slowed.

Taking selfies at Toll gate,

The ride so far was great.

We crossed so many roads without lights,

Well! That’s the beauty of road trip at night.

The wind beating over our face,

Oh! We Even started to race.

Getting lost in between the dark roads,

Trying to understand GPS codes.

Finally we reached cafe coffee day,

Burgers, crushers, coffee was placed in tray.

Cracking jokes while drinking coffee,

Saw a huge frog which looked like a zombie.

After such an awesome time, We decided to ride back,

The dark roads were already hacked.

We could see and feel the light and breeze of early morning,

We splashed our faces to keep ourselves away from yawing.

The jokes, the silence, the questions, the answers during the ride,

All these memories can be stored in a PowerPoint slide.

Thus, the circle of our journey was completed,

Saying goodbye to each other we greeted.



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