‘Coping with Heartbreak !’

I wish life had a rewind button,

Nothing would have happened so sudden.

I would have never fallen for you,

So much of distraction will occur, I never had any clue.

The hours which I wasted in texting,

I could have dedicated to reading.

The stupid fantasies which drive me crazy,

Now has made me lazy.

The fault was mine,

And the situations were not at all fine.

The regret will be there throughout this life,

Oh! I really want some positive vibes.

My friends says to move on,

But I am still stuck to the memories which are already gone.

At times I wonder, how come I become so over imaginative?

At times I wonder, were you so attractive?

The questions almost kill me,

To move on, where is the key?

Avoiding important things and planning something for you,

Was totally a bad idea that I didn’t knew.

And it was totally my fault,

Today I console myself saying , “you are not worth my salt.”

The matching colours of our dress,

Now those memories give me stress.

All the little things which once made me happy,

Today I find them so tacky.

Deleting your number from phone was waste,

Because it’s stored in my mind like copy-paste.

Today also when you talk with me,

When you walk with me,

Happiness surround me like sea.

Sometimes I keep blaming you and sometimes praising you,

But honestly speaking I never wanted to bid adieu.

You are my most ‘complicated’ crush I ever had,

“We met” phrase make me feel glad.

So, I am trying to cope up with this one sided love,

Apart from you, I need to decide other goals which are above.

Edging towards the end of this chapter of my life,

Which will always be rifed.


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