I Don’t Care (anymore)!

And it all began with one note,

Oh! The world started it to quote.

She didn’t know that her one note will affect so much,

And she became the victim of rumors and was completely misjudged.

They laughed and they giggle and told the whole world,

Yeah! That’s because of her one personal note written by this girl.

All the drams, the haters and the liars,

She understood she got to pick her friends like walking on fire.

They gave their cent percent to spread all the statements and the facts,

But she believed in quote ‘Karma is a Bitch’ and warned them to step back.

They questioned her on social media as well as directly on her face,

But now she has learnt to give them back with grace.

She knew the gossip will last until they get a new one,

Seeing this fickle mind mentality, she was stunned.

She decided to walk all around alone,

As it gives her time to think all the strength she have grown.

And then she realized she has her best friends,

Who will always support her till the end.

She followed her best friends suggestions, and got an attitude of ‘I don’t care’ (anymore),

Because she knows about the situations and she is well prepared.

She knows life will revert them back to same square,

Until then she said, ‘I don’t Care'(anymore).


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