Life Goes On!!

My life becomes best,

When it’s full of zest.

There is one thing I got to learn,

That this life is full of twist and turn.

Sometimes it become nothing,

And for a moment it becomes everything.

But the HOPE never goes down,

As this ‘Life Goes On.’

There are many hard times to cry,

But there is always a feeling that I should give one more try.

The dreams are at top of their height,

And I wish to reach at that beautiful sight.

Friends are most important part of life,

Well!! This fact is all over world is rifed.

Life is a roller coaster with its ups and downs,

But this ‘Life Goes On.’

If yesterday was shit,

Today may be a complete misfit.

But tomorrow is a new day,

So, I won’t give up that weeny ray.

It’s almost like a game,

And in just one chance you can get lot of fame.

With no worries, I will try to move on,

As this ‘LIFE Goes On.’


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