One Day!!!!

Had I not been your friend,

Things would have been different.

There wouldn’t have been any rat, cat fights,

All would have been sacrificed.

The days were good,

Which we spent in woods.

We walked miles,

And updated our diary files.

Classmates, talks, codes we shared are done,

All gone is fun.

You would say and I would listen,

Dreaming of you cooking and me eating in kitchen.

I had it all my heart but still couldn’t speak out,

Fearing you might go mad and shout.

The mistake was mine,

Had I told you all, You could have been fine.

Listening your words, reading your letters,

Always make me feel better.

Better was to call,

And let you know that “I can’t live without you at all”.

The EGO problem made us act strong,

Now I am thinking that we both did completely wrong.

And we ended up saying GOODBYE to each other,

With a hope that ONE DAY again we’ll begin our story with a “HIIE”!


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