​Different Soul, Still Connected!!

And all of sudden I was thinking about one of my friend,
Whose relationship status is completely bend.

Once upon a time they use to be one soul and different body,

Today they have different souls and have stored all their memories in a floppy.

I still don’t know the reason of their break up,

Sadly, there is no more coffee in the same cup.

Both are fighting with Mr.fate of their life,

My friend use to admire her as his wife.

Work and rides are the only support which has kept him away from state of solitude,

“Everyone hates me” is the thought which he has stored in his attitude.

No matter whichever girl tries to hit on him,

His soul is still connected to her with all vigour and vim.

I don’t feel sad for them,

But their story make me totally numb.

I can see love for her in his eyes,

And daily the ray of hope breaks and one soul dies.

I know it was their decision to get apart,

But I do see due to few small reasons they have little connection heart to heart.

Finally, they are different souls who are still connected,

Might be because their love is so addictive.


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