Partner In Crime!!

And today while saying ‘Goodbye’ to her,

I realised that you two are the only people I can refer.

Right from the training you two have adopted me,

Giving me company for early morning breakfast and tea.

I wonder how will I survive without you two in office,

We never have shortage of gossips.

Thank you for supporting me in Chomu’s story,

Consoling me stating that ‘Karma’ will hit Madam Currie.

You two have always been my support system,

Who are experts in giving words of wisdom.

From all the discussions about Devdas and Paro,

Helping each other to bear the sorrow.

You two knows me the best,

And you never judge me like rest.

Thank you for saving me from ‘My MOM’,(you know what does it mean)

And keeping the situation calm.

Our never ending talks on ‘Leach’ and ‘Smiley’,

Oh! Thanks to Almighty.

Without you two, standing up would have been a tougher task,

In front of you two, I needn’t hide behind my mask.

Here’s to your efforts for cheering me up,

Here’s to all our gossips which are lined up.

Now I am thinking how am I gonna manage this Friday,

Without you two in the office Broadway.

You two have become my partner’s in crime,

Who will never disown me at any point of time.


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