She Swipped Right Into His Heart!!

It was a rainy day when it all got started,
It was first get together party where everyone was dancing open-hearted.

He came and said ‘Hiie’ to me,

And then I thought whether I am his heart key?

Everyone was busy enjoying the party,

I could see the high faces because of DSP, Bira and Bacardi.

Finally, they started having so many get togethers,

I started noticing him that he is happy with others.

Little did I know the game which Mr. Fate was playing,

With a heart break I was surviving.

Soon I got to know that he is interested in some other ‘Miss’,

And I decided to step back and quit.

Lady luck favoured his try,

But somewhere in the corner of my mind I was still thinking about this guy.

Today he gives her company for early morning breakfast to tea,

This made me realise that the only person about whom he cares is, ‘SHE’.

The way they talk, the way he smiles seeing her, 

Reminds me of the fact that once upon a time ‘good friends we were.’

But facing the bitter truth I know it’s tough for him to stay apart (from her),

Because she swipped right into his heart.


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