​Accepting The Unexpected !!

She couldn’t stop thinking  about the situation,
She knows she can’t handle the level of frustration.

People think she is a chilled out girl,

But her life is going through a confused twirl.

She is shocked seeing how little things are affecting her,

She just want her feelings to get blurred.

She knows her mind and heart is not ready to handle this heart break,

This scary dream makes her awake

She is trying best to keep herself busy,

She knows she cannot fix it up too easy .

She keeps on smiling and jelling up everyone,

But her best friends have understood that something is bothering her which is discussed with none .

She is trying to stay strong so that she can handle herself,

She has accepted the fact that ‘HE’ belongs to someone else.

So here she is thinking that she is ready for ‘Accepting the unexpected’,

But deep inside she knows she is hit by heart break and feels neglected.


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