The Bitter Truth!

A little tart and sometimes sweet,

With the cruel world, she earned defeat.

She felt betrayed and was shocked with partial nature,

She was irritated and pissed seeing people getting unnecessary favour.

She found sadness and empty echoes rang out,

She decided to ignore everything and scout.

Finally, she started following ‘No complaints No demands’,

Waiting for destiny to play it’s command.

This was the second time she met such people,

In context with humanity, such kind of people are illegal .

Now she is understanding the real world,

Her life is going through a phase of curls.

She herself is not great as a human being,

But she knows the limit of acting mean.

She is shocked seeing people whom once she respected have changed,

Thankfully, she still have few friends with whom she ranged.

She is finding tough to survive in this situation,

She is trying hard to ignore all these complications.

She has experienced ‘Bitter Truth’ of life in most shocking way,

Getting to know the other side of person whom she trusted from first day.


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