Being Judgemental Or Not?

A very strange thing happened with her,

Some rare, some uncertain thoughts she decided to prefer.
Talking to her sister made her reslise one thing,

That she was wrong in judging people, which gave her sting.
For the first time she thought that she became over possessive,

Listening to her full story her sister said , ‘Her behavior is not at all impressive.’
Now she felt that even she followed the mentality of stone age,

Started judging people on their personal life pages.
Initially with conversation with her sister, she felt her sister is so rude,

At the end of the day, she is doubting her own attitude.
Too many self realisation added few more regrets in her life,

And this made her ego and mind to undergo a strife.
She was unable to maintain balance between personal life and friendship,

Now every minute she is going through a guilt trip.
But still she is confused about Being judgemental or not,

Then she decided to act maturely and change her thoughts.

Because being curious is better than being judgemental 🙂


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