Lost In Her Thoughts!!

He gave heart to this girl,
Who is more precious to him like pearl.

The bike rides and late night conversation made their bond stronger,
Alas!! Things aren’t the same any longer.

The story began like this,
When they decided to hold each other’s hand forever with bliss.

The love birds soon tied the knot,
‘Things gonna remain the same’ they thought.

Later part of the year, things started getting messed up,
And they ended with a break up.

The great Indian relatives played their cards,
All kind of rumors were spread , in form of their regards.

I could easily see the stress which my friend was going through,
And he said his mind has set of questions in queue .

Neither he blamed himself nor his wife,
Because he couldn’t understand the Twist of life.

I could see that my friend is missing his lady love,
But silence and tears use to rule above.

Finally, they decided to give time to each other,
Before deciding anything further.

I don’t know whether time will bring them together or not,
Meanwhile, I can see that he is still lost in her thoughts.


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