That Weirdo Reply!!

“There is a man whom I adore.

Whose beauty I admire.

Whose attitude always confuse me,

I don’t know whether its love.

I don’t know whether its lust.

I have no worries nor are my eyebrows raised

when I think about my feelings towards him.

But I know there is something.”

I had my lovely friend responding to the above cracked feeling of mine in the following way, which made me like the puzzle I had in my head even more.  

“It’s wonderful to see

One of your kind in bliss, be it ignorance or romance.

It is wonderful to see happiness in a loved one’s eyes,

Be it for momentary or for eternity.”


And She Let It All Go !

She started living her life in a carefree manner,

Well, she killed all her negative thoughts with a hammer.

Her lifelines were happy to see her,
They got their old friend back who was ready to conquer.

She started believing in fact that at times  travel helps you to find yourself,
She was happy that she has released herself from a closed shelf.

She started enjoying her life in a really cool way,

She knew whatever happens in her life she has support of her bae.

She started looking life in a more positive direction,

She decided to stop thinking about her crush and the affection.
She turned into a more stronger girl,

And she decided to face all twisted life curls.

She realised that one bad chapter cannot bring her down,

Her parents made her realised that she is the princess who owns the crown.

She never thought that few people will impact her so much,

But now she knows the mystery, the influence, she must not touch.

She wasn’t sure whether she was happy or sad with this change,

Because this feeling was completely strange.

At times she is happy with this feeling,

The heart break which she gone through was started healing.

She understood the people whom she use to admire and respect have changed,

She agreed that facing them now has become so strange.
She decided to  believe in new phase and destiny,

She started ignoring her enemies.
Finally she is happy that a trip to Goa allowed her to meet old herself,

Wiping her tears off, to her weaker version  , she bid a farewell.

That First Look!!

When I first saw you,

I am gonna fall for you, that I knew.

I started ignoring you in the beginning,

But the task was quite irritating.

The stories or may be reality of other girl in your life,

Was hurting me like someone has stabbed knife.

I still remember your look in black T-shirt,

I swear to god, your that first look impressed me a lot that I wanted to flirt.

The attitude which you have in yourself,

Always brings confusing views about you, and I can’t understand myself.

Today if I sit and recall each and every moment,

I realise that ‘SHE’ has already stolen(you),

So, here I have decided to stay focused and cherish your ‘First Look’,

Because I know somebody else is already there in your good books.