The Funny Thing!

Little things happen daily in our life,
At times it makes us happy,At times it hurts sharply like knife.
You never know what’s gonna happen today,

You meet new people and leave others in life’s midway.

Mr.Fate keeps on throwing a daily mystery,

And we keep on dealing them like a history.
We meet smiling sweet faces, with soul of snake,

They try their best to all the lies they make.
We deal with heartbreak , success, fake smiles at same time,

And we sit and think why Karma is punishing us Because of our past crime
Listening others tragic story, we feel like saying, ‘My Friend, I am broken too,’

We just keep drowning, no matter what we try to do.
No words of magic will heal, no painkillers will work,

The ghost and imagination of past , present and future will haunt you, with hint of a smirk.
And then we realise that these funny things will be keep on happening in our life’s,

At times it makes us happy,At times it hurts sharply like knife.



Sometimes I feel happy, sometimes a little sad,

What am I  missing, this thought makes me go mad.

I care or I do not care  is the main mystery,

A werid phase is happening in my life history.

My good friends already knows what’s going in my brain,
Maybe I am not ready to face the bitter truth and go through the pain.

Suddenly the laugh feels heavy, and lips go dry,
I feel a pain in my soul, and I just want to cry.

And then I sit with my phone and tons of deep thoughts,
Flooding across my brain, and then I gulp 2-3 shots.

Sometimes I say I was correct, sometimes I was not,
And this fight end up digging all deep thoughts.

I have got bunch of amazing friends, nothing is wrong with my life,
But heart feels a pain, as if someone has a knife.

I need some answers, I want to know what’s wrong,
One time I am a dance number, one time a sad song.