Sometimes I feel happy, sometimes a little sad,

What am I  missing, this thought makes me go mad.

I care or I do not care  is the main mystery,

A werid phase is happening in my life history.

My good friends already knows what’s going in my brain,
Maybe I am not ready to face the bitter truth and go through the pain.

Suddenly the laugh feels heavy, and lips go dry,
I feel a pain in my soul, and I just want to cry.

And then I sit with my phone and tons of deep thoughts,
Flooding across my brain, and then I gulp 2-3 shots.

Sometimes I say I was correct, sometimes I was not,
And this fight end up digging all deep thoughts.

I have got bunch of amazing friends, nothing is wrong with my life,
But heart feels a pain, as if someone has a knife.

I need some answers, I want to know what’s wrong,
One time I am a dance number, one time a sad song.


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