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Silent Lover!

She kept drifting between his truth and lies,

Daily with a broken heart she cries.

To love or not , she was in doubt,
He entered her heart in first go and now it’s hard to move out.

She had millions of conversation with him inside her head,
And there were few things which were left unsaid.

Maybe he also loved her but not the same way she did,
She continued with the love of friendship but the other feelings were hid.

She became a combination of broken heart, moist eyes , shattered dreams and a fake smile,
Because she knew in this journey she has to cross miles.

Her tears wanted an answer to a question which she never asked,
She was trying to make her present turn into past.

And there she was trying to walk out of his life as a silent lover,
Well aware with a fact that from this one sided love she has to recover.

Was It Worth It?

I kept wondering , was it worth to shed my tears for him,
Hurting myself daily, I was committing a sin.

Was it worth, chasing him in a race,
But my mind changes seeing his face.

Was it worth to stay as good friends,

Or maybe just to hide from others I decided to follow the “just friends” trend .

Was it worth to roam together and act in a mature way,
Maybe tons of truths were hidden inside me which I choose not to say.

Was it worth to give so much importance to someone who cannot be mine,
Well! Situations like this cannot be fine.

Was it worth hurting my soul, taking my rainy eyes to sleep,
Maybe I can blame my heart for thinking so deep.

Was it worth to be an option ,
Trust me, to handle this emotion is hard one.

Was it worth still smiling and acting as if it doesn’t matter to me,
When I know the truth is something else which only I can see.

Was it worth lying to myself stating “I am fine”,
When I hear her saying , “He is mine”.

And finally I thought, Is it worth still trusting false hopes,
When i know she will easily cut down the rope.

But somewhere I feel maybe it was worth hiding my feelings,

Because his heart connects with her and there love can be considered as a better meaning.
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​Things Are Getting Tough!

Between her strong mind and fragile heart,
She was confused whether to stay or get apart.

Trying her best to avoid all the talks,
But she gets distracted with perfect timing of clock and walk.

He still is the reason for her smile,
To ignore this fact, things are getting tough for a while.

She is helpless for the first time,
And questions her heart, “why you beat for someone who can never be mine?”

Her behaviour has become weird for her friends,
And they ask, “when your feelings will end?”

From a social media lover she has turned into an isolated girl,
And her life has turned into an unsolvable curl.

She thought keeping her mind strong will sort the things,

But now she realize how much efforts she need to put to get detach from this so called fling.

At times she laugh at her situation, at times cry,
And to this one sided love feeling, she want to say good bye.

Whenever she decides to some how forget everything and bluff,
Life says,”My girl, Things will get more tough.”

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Something Just Like This!(contd…)

A trip which takes road to nowhere, a car and just me,
Best songs to be played in a loop passing across the sea.

Rayban or its first copy on eyes, when the sun is out,

Smiling at strangers, when I am lost and in doubt.

Stopping across the street to play in muddy water,

Dressed up to my best to look hotter.

Enjoying the meal at a roadside,

Getting lost is common for me so need of any map or guide.

Admiring the beauty of nature and sitting quite for a while,
Because at times nature can bring smile.

Driving on the roads which I don’t know,
A language alien, a place where life is bit slow.

In need of a break, to feed my soul for what it craves,

Becausemy heart has seen so much that alone it has become brave.

The voice inside my head says your life needs some change,

Thus, planning to go on a drive which may sound strange.
But trust me, having such a road trip is a bliss,

Something just like this.

I Need To Walk Alone !

And I called up my friend and said, “I’m still depressed.”

She said, “No, it’s all in your head. Shut up.”

And I did. I shut up. I shut down.

But things remained the same.

My mind, like suction, kept consuming my strength, 

And I lied to people at full length.

My body felt weak, and I felt life is so unworthy,

For the first time I got scared seeing this life journey.

So I called her once again, “Hello, can we talk?”

And she said, “Sure, why not?”

So I spoke to her about my torpid moving on phase, my insipid days,
And there she was ready to help me with so many ways.

She said, “Oh you’ll be fine, just try and breathe. Distract yourself.”
So I did, distract myself. 

Every minute. Thought of this, thought of that kept occuring,

And I kept myself busy and ignoring.

Tried watching all possible movies,
Solo Trip with nature’s beauty.

But all these Ideas were temporary,
Again the same thoughts arrived with lull and loneliness. 

But this time, I got a self realisation,
That to move on, my heart and mind needs preparation.

So there I was standing alone deciding that it’s a battle that I need to fight on my own,
In the twisted journey of this life, I need to walk alone.

It’s Not Easy!

In this world, we all are too good at judging or maybe mis judging people. We are always ready to pass a comment on their life without thinking what we would have done in that situation and in that state of mind.
So, Rusted leaves Writer says “stop being Judgemental” because for everyone their life is tough.

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Summed Up!

So here it goes. Read various tales at once.

#RustedLeavesWriter says Happy Reading.
#SEAT–Maybe it was too sudden!

#HICKUPS–Each moment reminded her of HIM. !

#DATE–Youn don’t need a man to ‘RAISE’ a kid!

#CHANGES–People change!

#MOLE–Small in size, greater the connection!

#PROMISE–They are meant to be broken!

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