I Need To Walk Alone !

And I called up my friend and said, “I’m still depressed.”

She said, “No, it’s all in your head. Shut up.”

And I did. I shut up. I shut down.

But things remained the same.

My mind, like suction, kept consuming my strength, 

And I lied to people at full length.

My body felt weak, and I felt life is so unworthy,

For the first time I got scared seeing this life journey.

So I called her once again, “Hello, can we talk?”

And she said, “Sure, why not?”

So I spoke to her about my torpid moving on phase, my insipid days,
And there she was ready to help me with so many ways.

She said, “Oh you’ll be fine, just try and breathe. Distract yourself.”
So I did, distract myself. 

Every minute. Thought of this, thought of that kept occuring,

And I kept myself busy and ignoring.

Tried watching all possible movies,
Solo Trip with nature’s beauty.

But all these Ideas were temporary,
Again the same thoughts arrived with lull and loneliness. 

But this time, I got a self realisation,
That to move on, my heart and mind needs preparation.

So there I was standing alone deciding that it’s a battle that I need to fight on my own,
In the twisted journey of this life, I need to walk alone.


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