Something Just Like This!(contd…)

A trip which takes road to nowhere, a car and just me,
Best songs to be played in a loop passing across the sea.

Rayban or its first copy on eyes, when the sun is out,

Smiling at strangers, when I am lost and in doubt.

Stopping across the street to play in muddy water,

Dressed up to my best to look hotter.

Enjoying the meal at a roadside,

Getting lost is common for me so need of any map or guide.

Admiring the beauty of nature and sitting quite for a while,
Because at times nature can bring smile.

Driving on the roads which I don’t know,
A language alien, a place where life is bit slow.

In need of a break, to feed my soul for what it craves,

Becausemy heart has seen so much that alone it has become brave.

The voice inside my head says your life needs some change,

Thus, planning to go on a drive which may sound strange.
But trust me, having such a road trip is a bliss,

Something just like this.


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