​Things Are Getting Tough!

Between her strong mind and fragile heart,
She was confused whether to stay or get apart.

Trying her best to avoid all the talks,
But she gets distracted with perfect timing of clock and walk.

He still is the reason for her smile,
To ignore this fact, things are getting tough for a while.

She is helpless for the first time,
And questions her heart, “why you beat for someone who can never be mine?”

Her behaviour has become weird for her friends,
And they ask, “when your feelings will end?”

From a social media lover she has turned into an isolated girl,
And her life has turned into an unsolvable curl.

She thought keeping her mind strong will sort the things,

But now she realize how much efforts she need to put to get detach from this so called fling.

At times she laugh at her situation, at times cry,
And to this one sided love feeling, she want to say good bye.

Whenever she decides to some how forget everything and bluff,
Life says,”My girl, Things will get more tough.”

#RustedLeavesWriter 🙂


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