Silent Lover!

She kept drifting between his truth and lies,

Daily with a broken heart she cries.

To love or not , she was in doubt,
He entered her heart in first go and now it’s hard to move out.

She had millions of conversation with him inside her head,
And there were few things which were left unsaid.

Maybe he also loved her but not the same way she did,
She continued with the love of friendship but the other feelings were hid.

She became a combination of broken heart, moist eyes , shattered dreams and a fake smile,
Because she knew in this journey she has to cross miles.

Her tears wanted an answer to a question which she never asked,
She was trying to make her present turn into past.

And there she was trying to walk out of his life as a silent lover,
Well aware with a fact that from this one sided love she has to recover.


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