Was It Worth It?

I kept wondering , was it worth to shed my tears for him,
Hurting myself daily, I was committing a sin.

Was it worth, chasing him in a race,
But my mind changes seeing his face.

Was it worth to stay as good friends,

Or maybe just to hide from others I decided to follow the “just friends” trend .

Was it worth to roam together and act in a mature way,
Maybe tons of truths were hidden inside me which I choose not to say.

Was it worth to give so much importance to someone who cannot be mine,
Well! Situations like this cannot be fine.

Was it worth hurting my soul, taking my rainy eyes to sleep,
Maybe I can blame my heart for thinking so deep.

Was it worth to be an option ,
Trust me, to handle this emotion is hard one.

Was it worth still smiling and acting as if it doesn’t matter to me,
When I know the truth is something else which only I can see.

Was it worth lying to myself stating “I am fine”,
When I hear her saying , “He is mine”.

And finally I thought, Is it worth still trusting false hopes,
When i know she will easily cut down the rope.

But somewhere I feel maybe it was worth hiding my feelings,

Because his heart connects with her and there love can be considered as a better meaning.
#RustedLeavesWriter #Tragedies #LoveToWrite #Heartbreaks


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