It was only a moment

Like all strangers they met,

A simple hiie , and smiles were set.

Formal gestures were followed in later part of the days,

Both of them never discussed about each other with their friends during a cup of tea and lays.

Life played it’s card, and they got to know about each other more,

Started supporting each other which took their journey to different door.

They had mutual bunch of haters and likers,
The common love for roads, connected these two riders.

Discussing their career and giving life’s suggestion to each other,
Laughing together, without worrying what’s gonna happen further.

One took their bond seriously, other thought it’s an  another random meet,
One filled profile with sad post  and another one with happy tweets.

But each coin has two sides,
One was happy with new bonds, other was struggling with weird vibes.

Finally, destiny made the sadist one realise something new,

“You will come across millions of people in life, but the ones you will remain in this journey, are very few.”

And among both of them, He was already busy with new bonds,
Thus , she decided she won’t let memories to haunt.

She accepted the fact that “It was only a moment” when like strangers they met,
Maybe, “It was only a moment” when a simple hiie and smiles were set.


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