It’s Time To Move On !

As it’s said, “It hurts to let go, but at times it hurts more to hold on.”

Enjoy reading few tiny tales based on concept of #MovingOn.

#Dressed up
Finally her heart and brain got synced with one thought,
It somewhat became easy for her to move on.
The only fear she had was, “What if she sees him dressed up once again in one of his look she admired the most .”

Her eyes shows she is truly and madly in love with him,
But to this cruel world they had to say we are just friends.

So the decision was to move on.
The feelings needs to be done and dusted.
And I bet, it was a hard one for her.
Since each story should end with a sweet memory, she tried ending her one sided love story with all possible best ways she could.

Her mind was filled with all scary questions.
So, she decided for a trip which will make her realize her own worth.
At times thought of moving on can scare you.

They said “it was the best dinner party we had, but now it’s all over.”
Little did they know, a different bond was made among two souls which might never get over.


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