Unsaid Words!

When random thoughts flood into my brain.


He understood she has moved on, When her name never appeared on his phone “Notification” area.
When she was online, but never sent him any text.

When she had completely different plans in her brain.



He made her realise that there is no connection between them.
Still he is her first viewer of WhatsApp stories.

She still wonder why?

Well,  Funny world indeed!



His tears formed an ocean for her.

While she wanted to swim with someone else.



So everything have their importance.

Her Fake love made him realise he was special.

Now her real ignorance made him realise, he was strong.



She thought she was special until she realised he talk to everyone like that.
And finally, she came out of dilemma.



There was time when we enjoyed playing “Hide & Seek”.

But now we are busy playing “Add & Block.”


They asked her , “Why you write?”
And she said, “Because I know in today’s world,  “words penned down” are the only thing which will stay with me forever.



Between those drunken moments and unconscious fantasy.

She said things which should have been left unsaid.



Choosing between sleeping and waiting for text was hardest task for her.

But thanks to her friends, who suggested her to sleep as they knew the text from him will never appear on her phone.



I miss the days when I use to write about so many happening and tales.

Now I am just scratching on a fresh paper hoping I was just laughing instead of sitting in silence and stuck with one topic in my head.



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