When you’re bored,

You pen down your thoughts.

Because RustedLeavesWriter says, Happy Reading, Happy Writing!



People might know your name, but not your story.

You may have incidents which may  make you regret or which may get you glory.

People might have heard what you have done,
But people won’t understand what you’ve been through.

But make sure you’re aware of your story,
Try to be the winner and don’t have any further query.

Sometimes you need to do something which is best for you,
Because only you’re aware of your condition which you have been through.

You may meet people who will console you for your flop stories,
But you’re the one who has true reasons under life’s categories.

Behind your every mask there is a face,
Whose story can easily be traced.

Always remember you need to make sure yours story is never completely read,
Because it might bring out the bitter truths which were left unsaid.


Our life is like a book,

Where everytime dishes of our choice cannot be cooked.

There are times when we need to choose between flipping the pages or closing the book,
Because things won’t be easy the way they look.

You need to make sure you pick correct page at one time,
The lesson can be bitter or classy like wine.

You need to learn to accept things and keep moving,
You need to believe that situations will be keep improving.

Thoughts shouldn’t be stuck within yourself,
Because confessing them later, you might require help.

Questions will be hitting your mind forever,
But maybe in future the same chance won’t appear.

At times you will be confused, at times stressed,
You need to believe that you can go through the journey of being too emotional to emotionless.

So be ready to flip the page,
In order to free yourself from this cage.

If you cannot handle the situation,
Closing the book can be the best option.

So make sure you’re not having any regrets,
Because memories are really hard to forget.

Try to make your life as your favourite book,
So that you can smile without any second look.


Tears rolled down on her cheeks,

Reasons were unknown, but the eyes did speak.

The ignorance game, the attitude game,
But in one go ‘silence’ took all the fame.

Mentally she was stressed, physically she had to smile,
And she wanted to run away and cross the miles.

She felt like each day is a punishment,
Because the days which she used to enjoy have lost its charm and reached towards end.

Things went wrong when she least expected anything,
The contact name has reached towards the end in WhatsApp ping.

She thinks what went wrong,
He thinks how can she do this to me,

But in the end maybe circumstances played it’s role and silence got stuck like honeybee.

She couldn’t think right now how he feels,
But she was sure about herself that this time alone her wounds won’t be healed.

She actually lost interest from all the happenings around her,
Only her lonely spirit hears the stir.

Somewhere she understood that things won’t get better,
And deep inside she was shattered.

A fake smile on her face, spoon of lies like  I am fine on her lips,
Still his one look made her heart to skip.

But then his silence made her realise,
That he is not on her side.

She smiled and thought actions do speak louder than words,

For the first time silence killed her deeper than a sword.

And there she got to understand the verdict,

Few ends one can never predict.

He was strong enough to have I don’t care attitude,
And she isolated herself in state of solitude.

She never discussed her situation with any of her friends,
Because she knew it might bring lot of relations to end.

So she decided to hold herself tightly,
And once again she fell asleep crying.

Certain People!

So I thought my life is extremely rocking,

Until I met certain People who ended up really shocking.

From a jolly girl, i felt I turned into an introvert,
Well! I miss that happy-go soul which was totally an extrovert.

Certain people made me to learn how to act strong when I was weak,
And meanwhile the crowd was busy discussing my tweets.

Certain people know very well how to hurt me mentally,
Falling for certain people madey heart to pay big time penalty.

There were very less things in my life for which I had regrets,
But certain people added so many memories in one go which are tough to forget.

But hey! Every time the mistake was mine,
I allowed my heart and mind to combine.

And in the crowd of million People,
Certain people took my heart away who don’t have any sequel.

But it’s okay , certain people have different priorities in their life,
So I decided to move forward and undergo any strife.

I Lost My Way!

Chasing a wild dream, I lost my way,

Through the darkness, through the ray.

A fame for times, a fateful prime,
All were just a flicker and was gone in no time.

The feeling was surreal, took me on a chase,
But I didn’t know for it was a curly maze.

In this starlit field of moonlight and stars,
My mind played a tune of many broken guitars.

For it was a nightmare thought which turned as bitter truth,
And it made me a girl with an open soul in this fearless youth.

My breath was short-gone took me away,
In this moment of fake happiness and bond, I sway.

So many memories were made, so many lies were spewed,
But that fear of losing burned like ember in this tantalising feud of body and mind.

The conversations were reduced, the bond was changed
The minimal formal gestures were only left to exchange.

Falling for you, I lost my way,
Through the darkness, through the ray.

Halloween Eve!

Monsters, stalking through the night,

Halloween is the Night of Fright.

Fear is what this night brings,

Along with many other things.

Fun was the flavor of the day,

Seeing other team work and we staying on mode “away.”

So everything was decided, from snacks to dress color code,

Everyone was ready for the pictures to upload.

Face painting was the idea to get Halloween feel,

And the painted faces looked kind of scary and we hardly believed they were real.

Black color dress code added extra charm to the Halloween night,

Because it was night of fright.

“Trick or Treat” is the Halloween line people say,

But On production floor happy faces were seen by the end of the day.

In ancient times people feared this night,

But the present trend says, “Halloween party” is the main highlight.

So this 31st October, gave us loads of memories to keep,

Until the next “Halloween Eve.”


Thus, RustedLeavesWriter says, stay scary, stay lively 😉