Our life is like a book,

Where everytime dishes of our choice cannot be cooked.

There are times when we need to choose between flipping the pages or closing the book,
Because things won’t be easy the way they look.

You need to make sure you pick correct page at one time,
The lesson can be bitter or classy like wine.

You need to learn to accept things and keep moving,
You need to believe that situations will be keep improving.

Thoughts shouldn’t be stuck within yourself,
Because confessing them later, you might require help.

Questions will be hitting your mind forever,
But maybe in future the same chance won’t appear.

At times you will be confused, at times stressed,
You need to believe that you can go through the journey of being too emotional to emotionless.

So be ready to flip the page,
In order to free yourself from this cage.

If you cannot handle the situation,
Closing the book can be the best option.

So make sure you’re not having any regrets,
Because memories are really hard to forget.

Try to make your life as your favourite book,
So that you can smile without any second look.


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