Disjoint Letters!

Her parents compared her with disjoint letters of alphabet,

Her dad said, he has lost his daughter in smoke of cigarette.


Together they appear like a happy family with extreme understanding,

But in reality her parents felt their bond is bending.
For her mom, their relationship is like, “MOM, DAD and S-H-E,”

They were shocked that she has touched the level of “Being emotionless” to infinity.
And somewhere she felt that her parents are about to dig in her life,

She started to fake her normal behavior to break the ice.
She  didn’t know if she was depressed or just sad about something,

Or maybe she was scared to face what next life brings.
She didn’t know if she started feeling like a helpless person or she was in mode of guilt,

But somewhere deep inside she blames herself for few stupidity because of which all these situations are built.
She still have strong faith on herself that one day maybe she will laugh on her deeds,

But right now she felt defeated as her parents were able to find reasons and seeds.
She could sense that more than getting angry, they were tensed,

And she assured them that she will never let herself bend.
They know she won’t admit in front of them,

Because for her , Her success and problems are both precious to her like gem.

They understood all she needs is some time in her life to sort herself,

Because they know she will join the letters of alphabets like an elf.


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