Heart Talk!!

We all have been so trapped with all the social mazes, which is created by us, that we have lost our own way. It has become a pathway that restrict us to talk about EXACTLY what’s going on inside us.
We are so afraid to get hurt. We are so afraid of pain. And that’s exactly why we push away from anything that kicks us off our comfort.
People in love are scared to express  their love, while others are still struggling to choose career according to their choice.

Extramarital affairs are still considered as a crime even if the couple doesn’t have any issue. Engineers and Doctors are still considered as great.
We have given so much right to these social mazes that we get scared to take any decision because of society and it’s rules.
The only thing we should care about is comfort. Because I feel self comfort is something which we should keep in mind.
If you’re comfortable with someone’s company–Stick there.Because anyways even if you leave also thinking “what others will think?” , Stories will be circulated . Same way, if you’re happy with your career as an artist–Keep up your good work. Because society won’t pay your bills.

The only reason behind this blog is don’t let anyone else make a choice for you. So there is no need of getting inspired by anyone’s word not even this  “blog.”
Your brain has got enough senses to decide “What’s good for you?” Rather than paying attention to, “Which choice of yours will make others happy?”.

Few may call this statement as “being selfish” but I feel it’s okay to be selfish to such extent that it shouldn’t harm someone else because of you.
“No matter you do good or bad,

No matter you’re surrounded with bunch of creepy werido’s or positive people,

There is a ‘STORY’ for everything.”

So make sure you enjoy that story of yourself and move on according to your choices!!


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