His friends asked several questions from him , 

“How can you quit smoking all of sudden?”

“Is it because of her?”

And his only reply was, “Bro, you can only handle one addiction at a time and this time it’s HER ”               


“Smoking kills”, Her parents said.

“Expectations kills more,” was her reply.


Each one of us has a story.

Some are good narrators and others are just good actors.

Some try to face their story while others try to hide it in smoke.


And he burned himself twice.

Firstly by getting lost in her thoughts and secondly by smoking the cigarette in the exact spot.


Every chain smoker has a story so before you tell them smoking kills , you should know that there is something which is already killing them.

There is a reason behind our each action.

Thus, RustedLeavesWriter feels, smoking is bad but the reason they smoke is worse.


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