We All Grew Up!

Somewhere between—-

Believing in happy endings and accepting the reality, 
Leaving someone for our happiness to leaving someone for their happiness,
Sharing secrets to hiding truths,
Talking our heart loud to being silent,
From cornflake to goldflake,
From counting days to leave home and live alone to counting days left to go home,
Crying out loud just to get what we want to holding our tears even when we are broken inside,
Playing with toys to playing with someone’s emotion,
From ‘See you in playground’ to ‘See you online’,
From broken pencils to broken dreams,
Staying like a carefree person to  start wondering about consequences,
From just 5 more mins mom to hitting snooze button,
Between I want to talk to you to I need to get over you,
From being too emotional to trying to become emotionless,
From bedtime stories to WhatsApp stories,
From heartbreaks to ‘I don’t care anymore’,


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