And Here we complete 365 days!

The day was cold, and dark, and dreary,

It rained, and the wind was never weary.

I still remember how all of us reached MTP for induction,

We struggled to follow initial instructions.

And then we reached for another session,

At EGL tech park with new passion.

Same lectures, but different faces,

We stared each other with a doubtful smile but with grace.

The training days were best in itself,

We enjoyed each day among ourselves.

The merger of another batch to all our initial days fight,

With the time, the bond became strong and goals were set right.

From being hated, to being loved,

We met people who have become our beloved.

Mock calls, break up’s , patch up’s were part of these days,

For any situation, we had one or the other way.

Cheers to the sudden trip for colleagues wedding,(Suja N pattar)

Getting lost on roads and don’t know where we were heading.

The celebration of Christmas, to getting divided into different shifts,

Made us realise first lesson of corporate life with major rift.

From working weekends to reducing count of backlog,

Leaving for team trip in early morning in fog.

The farewell of our dear ones to entry of new people,

Our journey cannot have any sequel.

The initial hard day’s on production floor,

The excellent support from our managers , team leads, and tenure folks , which I still adore.

The days of amazing laughter, to days of tears,

Made us a strong person with less fears.

The days of never ending chit chat to days of silence,

Work life would have become tough without you all’s guidance.

From infinite cake cutting to cirrus party,

Getting high on beer and Bacardi .

Having infinite issues with other team,

Hating them has become our habit it seems.

The long wait for Friday fun,

The happy look when our shift time is done.

The hard work for pot luck,

Getting recognition gives feel of awsomestruck.

The mutual friendship with DOW process,

And exceeding our breaks makes us feel depress.

From house parties to team trips,

At times we swimmed, at times we sailed on AECOM ship. (I know quite a cheesy line)

There were differences, there were ignorance,

There was love, there was hatred,

But in the end we stood up together because our team bond is sacred.

So far a learning, inspiring, roller coaster journey , I must say,

With a hope that each one of us achieve success some or the other day.

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Cheers to our 365 days and counting… 😍


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