Heart Talk–TinyTales


Between all the laughter and fun,

She smiled at the party.
But her smudged kajal told a different story.



They both stayed under one roof,
Still from another city , she had to call seperately on any occasion.
And all of sudden, she started wondering why she had to call “Her Parents” twice .



As a writer, they write the words.
The paper feels the words.
But, the reader makes the word come alive.



Be a such kind of person, that if someone blocks you from all the social media applications, you drop an “E-MAIL” to retain your bond.



We meet many people in our life,
But few are simple like Quantum Physics.
Irony plays a major role.



Infinite cups of coffee to stay awake so that she can complete her work was merely an excuse she gave.
There were spaces left to be filled in the story.



And he said, “so we are on same page.”
“Page? We are not even in same book,” She thought.
And reality was, they were not even in same library.



After thinking so much,
It was decided to ignore many truths, many unanswered questions.
Because it’s okay not to know all the answers.



Years ago they broke with wrong person,
And today they’re with right ones.








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